Sunday, August 25, 2013


Many Pinoy today are being aware on the word of investing and already winning the money game. But still there are many Pinoy losing in the money game year after year.

Table below shows the inflation rate in the Philippines from January 2011 up to June 2013.

As you can see, our country is performing great and had bring down the inflation rate for about 2.6%. But, what really inflation is? And how can it affect in my daily life as normal Pinoy.

Inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.*1 And as prices of commodities goes up, the purchasing power of your money goes down.

If you are going to check 10 years ago, the price of one sack of rice is around 800-1000 pesos, but today it will cost you around 1500-2000 pesos.

What does it means? If you have 800 pesos in your pocket 10 years ago, you can already buy 1 sack of rice. But if you have the same 800 pesos today, you can only buy half sack of rice. And you need to double your effort in your work today so that you can buy another half sack of rice that costs you 800 pesos.

How can we relate it to Pinoy investing?

Table below shows the deposit interest rate in Philippines from 1967 to 2013

Time to time, deposit interest rate gave by the bank continuously going down. And these are the only investment instrument that our grandparent teaches us. As you can see, in the time of our grandparents, deposit interest rate is beating the inflation but today, it cannot outpace the inflation. So we need to have a new financial strategy.

You need to learn how money work hard for you while you are working hard for your family by means of beating inflation rate with proper investment. The formula below can guide you.

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